Monsters Wanted wins at Rhode Island Horror Film Fest!

After an amazing screening at the Orlando Film Festival, the good news keeps on coming. This morning we received word that “Monsters Wanted” took away the prize for Best Documentary at the FLICKER’S Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival! So why delay…grab your copy on DVD, iTunes, or Google Play now!

Here’s the full press release:


MONSTERS WANTED Wins at Rhode Island International Film Fest!

Haunted House doc takes away “best documentary” prize

LOUISVILLE, KY — As Halloween draws near, the filmmakers behind the haunted house documentary “Monsters Wanted” have a lot to celebrate. Their feature film, which premiered at Fandom Fest in Louisville and has screened at numerous film festivals around the country, took away the top doc prize at this year’s FLICKER’S Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival.

“We’re so excited that the movie is connecting with its audience,” says director Brian Cunningham. “It’s great to be recognized for they two years of work it’s taken to make this movie and get it into the world.”

In addition to its most recent win, the movie was also an official selection at the Orlando International Film Festival and Scarefest in Lexington, KY.

The movie follows Rich Teachout, an IT professional, as he quits his job and invests his life savings into opening a one-of-a-kind haunted attraction.  He and his partner Janel dedicate every moment, ounce of energy and dollar to making their “scream park” a reality. Along the way they have to deal with sabotage, civil war, and the crunch of time to achieve their goals. The resulting movie is a rare peek into a multi-million dollar industry known for its well-guarded secrets and self-proclaimed madness.

“Monsters Wanted” is currently available on DVD as well as iTunes, and Google Play. Fans can rent or buy their copy at the film’s official website,

“We’re so excited that people are responding to the story,” says the film’s co-director Joe Laughrey. “It’s a great mix of horror, comedy and real-life drama. But at its core, ‘Monsters Wanted’ is about following a dream at all costs.”

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